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91% of students we surveyed prefer to review vocabulary on their phone, and 83% were more likely to recommend a language school to a friend if it had its own app.


Share vocab lists & articles directly with students

From classroom notes to Anki decks & articles - it’s no wonder that ambitious students can feel overwhelmed. Bring it all into one place to keep everyone’s life simple!

Your Language App uses an intuitive so you can upload course content

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Our 5-star rated app has been proven to help thousands of students build a daily study habit and ultimately achieve their language learning goals.

Your Language App is a 5* rated app that utilises spaced repetition

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Every touchpoint will look and feel like your language school’s brand, crafting an experience that goes beyond the classroom and above the competition.

Your Langauge app is completely customisable, from the fonts to the colours

What language professionals are saying about us...

Language school owner David


Language school owner

“This is a lifesaver! Having our own centralised dashboard & app saves me at least 5 hours per week.”

Preply Tutor Olivia


Preply tutor

“I’ve been waiting years for something like this!”

Language coach Ana


Language coach

“It’s simple - this makes learning Spanish easier for my students, the feedback is so positive.”

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